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Orange County Personal and Small Business IT Support

We provide Orange County Computer Repair Services. The Computer Friend can travel throughout Orange County to address your computing needs including computer repair, website development, technical support and computer training in a quick and efficient manner.

Computer and Laptop Repair Services

We provide on-site support along with drop-off service to fix broken computers, repair laptops, and other computer equipment. Providing quick and efficient computer repairs and laptop repairs is our expertise. We also provide remote support on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to personal and small business users. We cover all of Orange County including Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach and Santa Ana.

Does your PC or Apple devices break down often? Are you tired of calling technicians for repair and troubleshooting? Are they charging more money than actual? Do you need expertise within your budget? Is your tech still not working even after getting it repaired by some companies? Are you getting irritated with such breakdowns as it’s hampering your work deadlines?

Well, if you have all such questions, then here you can have all your answers. The Computer Friend in Laguna Beach is a team of dedicated experts who provide PC/Apple Repair and Troubleshooting on the same day. Now, no more waiting for days to get your work done or taking leave from work just for the PC/Apple Repair and Troubleshooting. Instead, you have to wait for just an hour or two, and that’s it! You will be back to work in no time. Be it iPhone, MacBooks, PCs, iPods, iPads, or other such tech devices, we can fix everything!

With this, The Computer Friend provides data and security backup so that you don’t have to worry about losing all your data. Even if you can’t figure out the cause of such breakdowns, The Computer Friend will do it all for you by accelerating troubleshooting experience and finding the cause, and repairing it with no extra or hidden cost. Our team members are highly qualified and hard-working. Within this budget, you will also have the option to choose motherboard repair, peripherals replacement, screen replacement, external damages, reformatting and reinstalling, Ram, hard disk or memory up-gradation, virus removal, software installations, and many more.

The services of the Computer Friend are long-lasting, and the commitment with customers is unbreakable. Customers are our priority, and here we will continue to work for you until you are satisfied with our work. So, whenever your PC/Apple devices break down, think of us, and we will be there in the blink of the eye.

Virus and Hacking Removal

Does your laptop/PC lag frequently? Are you tired of rebooting again and again? Are your files vanishing from your laptop/PC? Are your passwords changing without your consent?

If you’re facing these issues with your laptop/PC, the chances are that you’ve got a virus in your PC/laptop. Or worse could be that your PC/laptop has been hacked. It has been observed that every year billions of data get leaked to hackers, and they misuse it for their benefit. Theft of identity is expected, to which many fall prey without even knowing. In this 21st century, data is the most valuable possession, and this is where extra security is needed.

The Computer Friend in Laguna Beach is a team of dedicated experts who provide Virus and Hacking Removal. Our team offers services that eliminate trojan, spyware, and other malware quickly. Not only this, we will keep your PC/laptop updated by installing the latest antivirus program and update the operating system as well as the security system if required without any additional cost. The Computer Friend in Laguna Beach will install the newest spyware and ensure that your PC/laptop never falls into the wrong hands. So, whenever your PC/laptop is hacked or a virus is detected, think of us!

Custom Built Windows Computers

Do you feel your computer is not built enough to match up your performance? Do you feel like you could change the specifications to level up your computer’s performance? Do you feel that the computer which you are buying is lacking some performance level?

If you are facing all these, then you are here at the right place. The Computer Friend in Laguna Beach is a team of dedicated experts who build custom windows computers explicitly designed to match your performance level. You can choose your operating system, model, software, adapters, windows updates, and many more. Apart from this, we provide antivirus installations, adobe and Microsoft installations, etc., with all the latest versions. We also offer updated security patches and graphics cards in case you need to increase screen performance. We even provide transformation of HDD to SSD in case you need a heavy-duty version.

At The Computer Friend, you will get all you need. We provide discounts on your first purchase and exciting offers. So, come aboard and let us build your dream computer as per your choice and requirements that will enhance your workability. We promise that you won’t be disappointed by our service.

Web Sites

Web Development Services including WordPress, Woo Commerce and Yoast SEO optimization. In Newport Beach and Costa Mesa there is a need for practical and cost-effective ways to reach local markets. We are experts in this aspect of SEO using Yoast and other tools where we have the expertise. If you are in Laguna Beach, Santa Ana or Costa Mesa we come to your office or you can come to ours. If you are looking to develop a WordPress Website or need practical SEO help, we can help all companies throughout Orange County.

Concierge Computer Support

When you need a little extra help and support, we provide full services on virus removal, on-site visits, and training. Many times just one or two hours of help can really solve your problem with a friendly expert. We provide this both in person and over the phone. Give us a call and find out what we can do to help!

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Phone:       888-349-7266
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                     Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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1500 N Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Cross Street: San Joaquin St.

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